Documents and materials produced for the leadership courses and other educational projects

AMH has been actively involved in various educational programmes and produced a variety of publications for this purpose.  References to some of the material produced in collaboration with AIMHP and used in its educational programmes follow:

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For each of the Action Mental Health leadership and professional skills courses/workshops Programmes, the faculty prepares materials adapted to the local situation. The content of courses therefore varies. As an example, the following materials were used during Courses on Leadership and Professional Development of Young Psychiatrists, in Nairobi, Kenya (2007) and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2006).

Assessment of needs for mental health care Assessment of needs for mental health care
Course for Young Psychiatrists_CD Course for Young Psychiatrists_CD
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Curriculum vitae preparation
Doing your own research Doing your own research
Methods of evaluation of the effects of care Methods of evaluation of the effects of care
How to give a lecture How to give a lecture
How to give a seminar How to give a seminar
How to make a poster How to make a poster
How to prepare and conduct a meeting How to prepare and conduct a meeting
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius How to write a report of a session
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Preparing a paper
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Reading a paper
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Setting or assessing priorities
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Training mental health professionals
Documents - Action Mental Health - Prof. Norman Sartorius Treating Depression in Primary Care

2. Other documents produced

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