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Documents and Materials Produced

For each of the courses/workshops, the faculty prepares materials adapted to the local situation. The content of courses therefore varies. As an example, the following materials were used during Courses on Leadership and Professional Development of Young Psychiatrists, in Nairobi, Kenya (2007) and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2006).

Assessment of needs for mental health care
Course for Young Psychiatrists_CD
Curriculum vitae preparation
Doing your own research
Methods of evaluation of the effects of care
How to give a lecture
How to give a seminar
How to make a poster
How to prepare and conduct a meeting
How to write a report of a session
Making things happen: implementing a plan
Preparing a Paper
Reading a paper
Setting or assessing priorities
Setting priorities
Teaching clinical skills
Training mental health professionals
Treating Depression in Primary Care
Products of the Diabetes and Depression Iniativve 2009-2011