Statutes of The Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes

Statutes of The Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes

Action Mental Health Programmes


Denomination – Headquarters – Duration – Objective

Article 1

An Association named Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes (henceforth referred to as “The Association”), and governed by Articles 60 ss CCS, is created.

Article 2

The objective of the Association is the improvement and promotion of mental health, in particular:

  1. The search of a consensus based on objective facts concerning the best methods of prevention and treatment of mental illness.
  2. The development of ethics in the practice of psychiatry.
  3. The support to the development and utilisation of quality assurance in psychiatric care.
  4. The improvement of the quality of psychiatric education and training.
  5. The reduction of stigma and prejudice associated with mental illness.

The Association aims to achieve its goals by means of advice, consultations and research, by organizing talks and seminars, by funding academic studies and other theoretical and practical work, and by any other appropriate means.




Article 3

Anyone interested in the goals of the Association can apply for membership by sending a written application for membership to the president of the Association.

The Board of the Association has the final decision on applications for admission submitted by the president.

Article 4

Being a member implies unreserved compliance with the Statutes of the Association as well as with the decisions of the Board and of the General Assembly.

Article 5

Membership can be lost by:

(a) resignation, which must be given at least six months in advance for the end of a civil calendar year;

(b) death;

(c) failure to pay the subscription fee, despite having received reminders by registered letter;

(d) exclusion based on justifiable grounds decided as a measure of last resort by the Board of the Association.

Article 6

The members of the Association must pay the subscription fees and contributions laid down by the Board. Each member must, in addition, devote one unpaid week per year of his/her time to the activities of the Association.

Article 7

Members are not personally responsible for the financial commitments of the Association.


Title III


Article 8

The organs of the Association are:

  • the General Assembly
  • the Board
  • the Auditor


Article 9

The General Assembly meets once a year before 30 June.

Article 10

Extraordinary assemblies are convened upon decision of the Board or upon written request of at least 10% of the members, with an indication of the agenda.

Article 11

Members must be invited individually and in writing. Invitations include the agenda and must be sent at least 20 days before the date of the Assembly.

Article 12

The Ordinary Assembly votes on the reports presented to its members, elects the Auditor and deals with the other items on the Agenda.

Article 13

The General Assembly is chaired by the President of the Board who appoints a secretary.

The decisions of the Assembly are taken by a majority of valid votes cast.


Article 14

The Association is administered by a Board composed of 5 people, appointed in the first instance by the founding members. The Board comprises a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and two members.

If a member of the Board dies or resigns, the Board will appoint another member.

Article 15

The members of the committee act in a voluntary capacity and may only claim reimbursement of their actual costs and travel expenses. Any possible attendance fees may not exceed those paid for official commissions. For activities exceeding the usual functions, each member of the council of the foundation may receive appropriate compensation.

The Board meets upon convocation by the President. It must be convened if three members of the Board so wish.

The Board’s decisions are taken by a majority of its present members. The President’s decision will be final in case of an equally split vote.

Article 16

The function of the Board is to administer the Association and to represent it to third parties. The Board presents the General Assembly with a report of the activities of the Association during the year as well as a financial report.

The Association is committed by the collective signature of its president and of another member of the Board.

A salaried employee of the Association may only be part of the Council or of any other executive body of the Association in an advisory capacity.


Article 17

The General Assembly appoints every year an Auditor in charge of submitting a financial report based on the accounts presented to him/her by the Board.

The Auditor is immediately re-eligible.




Article 18

The resources of the Association are composed of:

(a) members’ subscriptions and their possible contributions;
(b) donations and bequests;
(c) grants which the Association may receive;
(d) any other income resulting from its activities;
(e) interest paid on its fortune.

Article 19

The financial year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December.




Article 20

The Statutes of the Association may only be modified by its Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly convened according to the rule, with a mention of the text of the proposed modifications.

A three quarters majority is required to modify the Statutes.

Article 21

The Association can only be dissolved by a specially called General Assembly attended by at least three quarters of the members.

A three quarters majority is required in order for the Association to be dissolved.

Article 22

  1. In case of dissolution of the Association, the wealth of the Association available will be entirely donated to an establishment pursuing objectives of public interest, analogous to those of the Association and enjoying tax exemption. The wealth of the Association may under no circumstances be returned to its physical founders or to members of the Association, nor may it be used for their profit, in part or in total, in any manner whatsoever.
  2. To nominate in the capacity of an auditor, in conformity with article 17 of the Statutes, la Fiduciaire Brandt SA in Geneva who has accepted the mandate in their letter of 12 January 2010.
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