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Development of a UN CRPD practice casebook

The UN CRPD is an important document ratified by the majority of countries in the world.  Its acceptance guarantees that people with disabilities will receive support and that they will have the right to decide whether they want to accept a particular treatment.

The application of the convention in the practice of psychiatry is not always easy, and the AIMHP undertook to develop materials which will help psychiatrists and others involved in the treatment of mental illness to carry out work in harmony with ethical requirements of the CRPD rules.

The Association has invited Professor Neeraj Gill, to participate in this project which was introduced by several panel sessions during the World Congresses of Psychiatry in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The panels included a number of experts with particular expertise and interest in the topic as well as representatives of persons with lived experience of mental illness and of carers of people with mental illness.  The panelists were invited to comment on action taken in the cases described to them.  The participants in the panel were then invited to make their comments in writing for inclusion in a casebook.  The casebook will also contain several chapters describing the legal traditions in various parts of the world.

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