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Support to mental health programs in Low Income Countries

Problems of breaking through the bureaucracy of low-income countries with any projects – even the most ingenious ones – are severe. The delays and official chicanery discourage many who, after a while, give up trying.

The Association has therefore launched a project to provide small grants for innovative initiatives in the field of mental health, particularly in the least developed countries (LDCs). The maximum amount of the grants is USD 5.000, but most of the sums allocated are smaller.

Applications for grants containing a brief description of the goals and methods of the project and a description of the group responsible for its implementation were sent to the President of the AIMHP.

The proposals received were examined by a Committee composed for the purpose and involving experts who, in addition to their expertise, have a good knowledge of the situation in the LDCs:

 Thirty-six projects were funded in the framework of this project.


Establishment of shops managed by Asociaçao Arte e Convivio de Botucatu


Reproduction and distribution of brochures with instructions for carers of people with mental illness

Ethiopia Accra, Ghana

Self-Help Groups and Lifelihoods Support
Suicide risk evaluation Ablekuma Self-Help Group* Okaikoi North Self-Help Group*


Suglo Kongo Bo Self-Help Group
Ti Songmi Taba Self-Help Group*
Gwan Zagsi Self-Help Group*


Kenya Self-help group (schizophrenia)
Community Health Volunteers Group
KAMILI Organization (two self-help groups)
KAWE Epilepsy Self-help group (goat farming) Nomads Lifelihoods BN Kenya nomads livelihoods narrative1Kenya_Training Method and photos 2Kenya_Training Method and photos 3


Step-by-step psycho-education (publication of manual)

South Africa

Depression and anxiety group, Northern Suburbs & Cape Town


Kinyerezi Self-help group*
Temeke Self-help group*
Anwanynala Self-help group*
Umoja ni nguvu Self-help group for Chikwaya village (Wheel barrows, live stock)
Jienendeleze Self-help group
Sisi kwa sisi Self-help group
Muungano Self-help group for Lubangala village(Bee keeping)
Ukombozi Self-help group for Nangoo village (Gardening, poultry)
Tuaminiane Self-help group for Sululu village (Pig rearing)
Akilimi Ni Mali Self-help group for Misechela village (Poultry and farming)


Ani Yali Amanyi Mental health group
Dikiriber Avogera Mental health group
Bulamu Kujjanjabi Association (BUKA)
Kaseeta Kweimukye Mental health group
Kamwokya Mental health group
Thomas Walunguba Community Outreach activities for schizophrenia
Alex Adaku Rehabilitation and Community MH Promotion Demonstration project
Community Mental Health Program Activites
JinjaSoroti United Mental Health Association (SUMHA)
Project for Banana/Passion Fruit Farming for Uganda Mental Health Fellowship – Atanekontola (Emmanuel Mufumba, Uganda)


Reflected Worlds Foundation


National Association for Mental Health

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